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    Leaking Roof Repair Toowoomba

    A leaking roof is not something to ignore.

    Even if its a little drip, a leaking roof is a sign that obviously something is wrong with your roof or gutter system and it’s not going to go away without a roofer repairing your leaking roof!

    Common reasons why your roof is leaking:

    • Your roof flashing is damaged (the metal sheets that are installed under roof tiles at the junctions of your roof) due to deterioration
    • Broken roof tiles
    • leaking vent seal (when vent is not installed properly or deterioration of seal material)
    • Poorly sealed valleys (connection point between the planes of the roof)
    • Metal roof is rusted and has led to holes in the rust

    Being on a roof yourself can be quite dangerous. When you think about the height of your roof, how steep it is and how slippery the surface can be, it’s not a good idea to go investigate the leak in the roof yourself.

    Contact a roof plumber to undertake the investigation themselves, they have the safety equipment as well as the knowledge of the anatomy of a roof.

    leak in roof toowoomba

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    Gutter Repairs & Gutter Replacement Toowoomba

    The gutter and drain system is a vital element to the health of your home.

    Rain is collected, transported and disposed of in an oderly way, keeping your home and contents dry and protecting the foundations of your home from continuous exposure to rain water which could lead to movement and cracking in the foundations of your home.

    Gutter systems need to be maintained in order for them to work porperly.

    Leaves, debris and even pests can block up your gutters and prevent the proper flow of water off the roof of your home in Toowoomba.

    That is why is it important to have gutters cleaned and regularly maintained to detect and repair any rusted, cracked or deteriorating sections of the gutters before they become damaged beyond repair.

    Our expert roof plumbers will install, maintain and repair existing and new drain and gutter systems.

    roof guttering and gutter replacement Toowoomba

    Downpipe Installation

    Where does the rain water go once it is collected into the gutters?

    To the downpipes.

    Another important element to keeping your home and contents safe and dry are downpipes.

    Like gutters, leaves, moss and other debris can find their way into your downpipes too, especially in the bends and elbows of the downpipes.

    Many of the older properties in Toowoomba have galvinised downpipes.

    These are an issue when blockages are left and deteriorate the material and rust develops.

    If you have leaks in your downpipes, you’ll most likely need to replace them.

    Contact your roof plumber today to arrange a FREE quote for your downpipe and gutter repair or installation.

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    Rainwater tank installation Toowoomba

    rainwater tank installation Toowoomba

    Many residents in Toowoomba have opted for the eco friendly alternative of rain water tanks!

    Why not utilise the free resource of rain as a water source for your lawn or garden or even in your own home?

    Rainwater tank installation at your property help reduce your carbon footprint, but you will also save money substantially through reduced water bills!

    Rainwater tanks come in many shapes and sizes (and even colours) and can be optimally used in a range of areas in your property.

    Rainwater collected in your tank can be used unfiltered for your garden or it can also be filtered and pumped into your house so that you can use it for everyday activities.

    Our expert roof plumbers will give you information about where the best location is for your rain water tank, the optimal size for your home and offer maintenance and repair services for your rainwater tank.

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