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Bathroom Renovations Toowoomba

Probably the most common area for our plumbers to renovate: bathroom renovations!

You don’t have to settle for a dodgy toilet or an outdated shower and vanity. You can have that modern, clean bathroom in your home for probably a lot less hasstle than you imagine.

Speak to our bathroom renovators about what you would like to do with your bathroom renovation and we will give you honest, reliable advice and quotes that you can trust.

Shower Plumbing

If you want to change the whole layout of your bathroom, including the location of your shower or bath, our bathroom renovation specialist can also help you with that!

When a bathroom is designed, it needs to take into account how the shower plumbing will be built in to the layout, what the best configuration is to get the best use of space however big or small your bathroom is.

Imagine you have a brand new bathroom, finally complete but you cut corners and didn’t hire a licensed plumber, next thing you know you have a burst pipe in your wall or a leaking vanity making a mess and destroying your beautiful timber furniture.

Get the job done right the first time with our bathroom renovators!

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Kitchen Renovations

Your kitchen is the heart of the home.

Home owners and investors in Toowoomba are making the most of the beautiful old homes in the region and giving them a facelift with a renovated kitchen.

With a licensed plumber on your team, you’ll be able to change the pipes, where they are located and the efficiency of your plumbing system in your kitchen to create the kitchen of your dreams.

Having a plumber to work on your kitchen renovations that is licensed and qualified gas plumber is vital to keep your home and loved ones safe.

Whether you are doing a simple cosmetic renovation and just want to update your appliances, sink and basin or whether you are doing the whole kitchen from head to toe, our experienced bathroom renovators will help you create the kitchen you hope to have.

While you’re designing your kitchen, consider if you’d like to install a water filter, a fridge with a filter or instant hot water system (this is especially for commercial kitchen renovations).

Get it all done at once and enjoy your new kitchen sooner with our kitchen renovators.

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Laundry Renovations

Understated area of the house: your laundry.

Many old homes in Toowoomba are being renovated to become beautiful restored Queenslanders- and this includes renovating your laundry!

Transform the space of your laundry to be a functional and aesthetically appealing place in your home.

A laundry renovation will also mean that  the best and newest appliances such as laundry machines, driers etc will be accommodated and maybe even a European Laundry might suit your home, or create extra shelving for your storage or maybe even for the dog! The possibilities are endless!

Hire a licensed plumber to renovate your laundry to make sure all your plumbing is up to code and that your pipes won’t burst all over your beautifully renovated laundry!

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