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    We fix leaky taps, leaky shower heads, leaky gutters and more!

    Leaks of all kinds are what our plumbers are used to finding and repairing in houses as well as in commercial properties across the Toowoomba Region. 

    Most common culprits of leaks in homes that our plumbers repair include:

    • leaking taps 

    • leaking mixers 

    • leaking showers

    • drain leaks

    • sewer leaks

    • water mains leak

    • And more!

    A lot of the problems that happen due to leaks both big and small happen because the leaks go undetected and over time the moisture rots away at the timber or metal that the leak pools on. 

    Many home owners or tenants will report that they smell the mould or moisture before they even find a leak, this is very common in vanities because we don’t often look thoroughly under the vanity or bathroom sink to try to find if there is a leak from your bathroom sink. 

    Shower leaks are a bit more obvious. 

    You’ll notice an annoying little (or big) drip from the shower head that won’t stop even when turned off completely. 

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     Why are leaks a problem?

    Leaking taps are a problem because of the water that they waste! 

    A slowly dripping tap can lose up to 9,000L of water per year!

    Especially in an area of Australia where water is such an important and a scarce resource we need to do all we can to use our water wisely and this means fixing leaking taps to prevent water waste. 

    Not to mention that you’ll be paying for the water that is lost as well! 

    Moisture from a leaking tap can lead to timber rot which increases the risk of termite activity as well as continuous moisture over time pooling in a specific area of the foundations of the house could leave to shifts in the foundations or stumps of your beautiful home in Toowoomba. 

    Call you local trusted plumber to find the leak, repair it and put measures in place to prevent further leaks in the future. 

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