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    Hot water system repair Toowoomba QLD

    Our hot water system services include: installation, repair and servicing or maintenance of hot water systems of all kinds in Toowoomba. 

    When do you need your hot water system repaired? 

    • no hot water at all 
    • water is not hot enough (lukewarm showers in winter? not if we can help it!)
    • water doesn’t stay hot for long
    • not enough hot water (your shower becomes cold after just a short time)
    • this may be dependent on the size of your hot water system and if you’ve got multiple people taking showers in a similar time frame. 
    • our licensed plumbers are also qualified to work with gas systems therefore we service gas hot water systems too. 

    Our plumbers will do their best to repair and fix the broken hot water system rather than replace it because we know that it is more expensive to you, the home owner to replace the system and we like to keep your cost low where we can! 

    Sometimes how water systems are too old and way past their due date. This is especially common when people purchase older homes and renovate, you will find an ancient hot water system that is probably older than a lot of home owners these days! 

    repair your gas hot water system if it suddenly stops working, we have after hours emergency plumbing services too!

    Hot water system servicing to prevent unexpected problems with your hot water tank such as when the system just doesn’t heat up the water anymore or it doesn’t keep the water hot for long. 

    hot water systems Toowoomba

    We install, repair and service all major brands including but not limited to:

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    hot water system repair Toowoomba
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    Hot Water System Installation

    If your existing hot water system needs replacing then we can do that for you. We can supply and fit a hot water system to suit your needs and your budget. When it comes to installing an electrical hot water system we can perform the necessary plmbing work to connect the unit and refer you onto our highly rated local electrical company partners to take care of the electrical side of all electric hot water system installations. 

     Types of hot water systems:

    • gas hot water system
    • electric hot water system
    • heat pump system
    • solar hot water system
    • instantaneous hot water system

    Talk to one of our knowledgeable and friendly staff about which water heating system is best suited for your needs especially depending on how much hot water usage your household needs and what times of day typically most hot water is used. Budget is also an important factor in chosing the best hot water tank to install in your home in Toowoomba. 

      Hot water systems Toowoomba


      Hot water system servicing Toowoomba

      Like any of your home appliances, hot water systems require regular maintenance and servicing to get the most out of their longevity!

      Extend the life of your hot water system by having a plumber service the water heater, replace any pieces that are old or damaged to ensure that you don’t end up needing to take cold showers for a week whilst you get your hot water system replaced.

      Often times when our plumbers are called out to repair a hot water system that is not working, the most common culprit for the problem is: pressure relief valve or the heating element.

      Replacement of these two parts will fix your hot water problem, rather than needing to replace the whole hot water system.

      Why do you need to service your hot water system?

      • retain the warranty of your new hot water system 
      • prevent damage beyond repair and extend the life of your hot water system (they are pretty pricey after all!- it makes sense to take care of them to get the most bang for your buck). 
      hot water system servicing Toowoomba

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      Water Heater Replacement

      Sometimes hot water systems just need to be replaced.

      If you are renovating your home and have a dinosour of a water heater, its time to bite the bullet and just replace it!

      New hot water systems will have a warranty, to retain that warranty you’ll need to abide by the conditions which commonly include regular servicing. 

      If the water heater is leaking and the plumber cannot fix it, you may have to replace the tank all together.

      The lifespan of hot water systems is about 8–12years. If your system is way older than that, it might work ok for the time being but eventually it will malfunction and you’ll need to replace the hot water system.

      If you think something is not working properly with your hot water system, then get a licensed plumber to check the system for damage or leaks and in general the condition of your existing hot water system.

      Hot water systems are designed very differently to how they used to be, with better materials and efficiency of heating, your electricity bills could be greately reduced by replacing your hot water system.

      water heater replacement Toowoomba

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