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    Maybe you think using gas in your home is old fashioned…  let me tell you here that gas is used in a lot more ways than you might think!

    We use gas in our homes to cook with, to heat us up and to heat our water up! 

    Many of our household appliances use gas as their energy source including:

    • gas ovens

    • gas hot water systems 

    • gas heaters 

    Our licensed plumbers are also qualified to work with gas, they are:

     Gas Plumbers Toowomba

    It is important that the person working on your gas fittings is actually qualified to do so! Choose the gas fitters plumbers Toowoomba relies on to perform the following gas fitting jobs:

    • gas oven repairs 
    • gas oven installation and removal
    • gas heater removal and installation and repair (especially in the cold winter months in Toowoomba!)
    • and most importantly: gas leak detection and emergency gas fitting repairs. 
    gas fitter Toowoomba QLD

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    As mentioned in the emergency plumbing page, gas leaks are a really dangerous plumbing emergency that must not be taken lightly. 

    if you notice:

    • the smell of gas 
    • a hissing sound
    • if you or anyone (even pets) are feeling sick, nauseous or dizzy 

    You may have a gas leak on your hands and it is vital for the safety of your home and loved ones that you act quickly. Call a gas fitter Toowoomba right away!


      gas fitter Toowoomba

      Steps to take when you have a gas leak

      (even if you just think you might)

      1. Don’t turn on any switches (even light switches)
      2. Turn off gas appliances and don’t light anything
      3. Open the windows and doors, ventilate the house
      4. If you know where the gas meter is, turn off the gas.
      5. Get everyone out of the house.
      6. If you cannot smell the gas after you turned it off, contact you emergency gas fitting plumber that will come to your home to investigate the gas leak.


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