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    Mini Excavator Toowoomba QLD

    At TPM we not only provide plumbing and gas fitting services but we also provide earthmoving and excavation services too!

    Our 2.7 Tonne Case mini excavator is the perfect combination of being small enough to use for earth moving and excavation jobs around residential homes or rural properties, yet powerful enough to get the job done quickly and easily. Our excavation services are perfect for

    • Digging holes
    • Digging trenches
    • Repairing damaged pipes
    • Grading uneven land
    • Demolishing small structures
    • Cleaning vegetation and debris
    • Installing irrigation systems
    • Creating trails
    • Removing tree stumps
    • Planting trees
    • other landscaping jobs

    We also have a 7 Tonne tipper truck to haul away any excess dirt and debris.

    Based in Toowoomba, QLD we service Toowoomba and surrounding towns.

    Call (07) 4277 7980 today for a free quote on your earth moving project.

    earthmoving Toowoomba

    2.7 tonne Case mini excavator

    7 tonne tipper truck Toowoomba

    7 tonne tipper truck with Case excavator

    Call today for a free quote

    (07) 4277 7980

    earthworks Toowoomba

    2.7 tonne Case mini excavator

    A Few of Our Earth Moving Projects in Toowoomba QLD

    Repairing Damaged Pipes

    If you’ve got a blocked drain then we’re your one stop plumbing stop. We’re equipped with the latest in CCTV drain camera technology so we can inspect drain pipes and investigate exactly where the pipe has been damaged and we have the excavation equipment to dig up the pipe and perform the remedial work to get the pipe fixed up and operating as good as new. 

    Drains get get blocked my all sorts of things from wet wipes to leaf litter, random bit of debris and worst of all tree roots! 

    If you’re property has a blocked drain issue then call us today! We’re well equipped experts when it comes to all kinds of blockages.

    excavators Toowoomba
    earthworks Toowoomba

    This tree root was blocking a drain, unfortuneately it had cracked the drain so it needed to be dug up and replaced.

    Quality & Reliable Plumbing Services in Toowoomba

    Emergency Plumbing

    • 24/7 emergency plumber service

    Gas Fitting

    • gas ovens
    • gas stovetops
    • gas hot water systems
    • gas heaters

    Hot Water Systems

    • repair
    • replacement
    • installation

    Blocked Drains

    • blocked shower repair
    • blocked sink repair
    • blocked laundry repair


    • leak repair inside or outside your house
    • taps, drains, roof


    • blocked toilet repair
    • new toilet installation
    • repair cistern

    Roof Plumbing

    • roof drainage
    • gutters
    • downpipes
    • repair, maintenance and installation

    Renovation Plumbing

    • bathroom renovations
    • kitchen renovations
    • granny flats
    • appliance fitting and installation

    Water Efficiency Certificates

    • existing homes
    • new homes
    • renovated homes

    Commercial Plumbing

    • emergency plumbing
    • plumbing for offices & businesses
    • body corporate

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