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    Blocked Drain Cleaning Toowoomba, QLD

    We’re equipped with the latest drain unblocking equipment to make light work of any drain blockage. Our hydro blasters can quickly and easily clear out even the most stubborn of blockages. If your unsure of where the blockage is located we can use our CCTV inspection cameras to locate the exact whereabouts of the blockage in your drainage system and quickly assess the situation and take appropriate action to clear the blockage and get your back to your normal life as quickly and as easily as possible.

    We’re the reliable plumbers in Toowoomba to call for any blockage issue at any time of the day or night as we’re available for 24/7 emergency plumbing in Toowoomba and surrounding towns. If you’ve experiencing any of the following:

    • blocked kitchen sink
    • blocked laundry sink
    • blocked bathroom Vanity
    • blocked or slow draining shower
    • blocked bathtub
    • blocked toilet
    • blocked floor drain
    • blocked stormwater drain
    • blocked sewer drain
    • or any other blockage in your drainage system

    Call us today and we’ll get rid of the blockage so you can go about your normal life once again!

    blocked drain in Toowoomba house needs a CCTV drain inspection to find the blockage

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    Your drain is blocked.

    How did your drain get blocked?

    Chances are your drain was giving you warning signs that it was struggling with something that was clogging it for some time but you either didn’t notice it (we are all guilty of this) or you neglected it hoping it would just clear itself.


    Shower Draining

    One of the most common areas for a blocked drain to occur is your shower.

    Is your shower not draining when you have your long showers?

    When you think about it, especially if you live with people with long hair, there is a lot that could potentially build up in your shower drain and affect your shower draining.

    The best way to deal with a shower draining problem is to prevent it in the first place.

    Take care of your shower drain by doing these simple steps:

    1. remove the hair and other miscellaneous bits near the drain before they go down and clog it beyond a simple fix

    2. clean your shower often

    3. Use boiling water to melt away any fatty build ups of oils or soaps (these days there is an oil for this and an oil for that, all the oils end up down the drain in a liquid state but when they cool they often harden to a clump that will affect the way your shower is draining.

    blocked drains Toowoomba QLD

     Clearing a Drain

    If you notice that you have a shower or a sink that is not draining properly, take these steps to clear the blockage before you call a licensed plumber to do the dirty work.

    carefully pour hot water down your drain (as above)

    use a plunger (same kind that you use on a toilet) and apply gentle but even pressure, repeat a few times

    remove any gunk that comes out

    call your local Toowoomba plumber 


    Blocked Drain Repairs

    Sometimes your drains might be blocked because there is a damaged section in your pipes, this might lead to leaks and also build up of debris that get caught on the damaged section such as hair, soaps, oils that have hardened etc.

    Blocked drains need to be repaired by a plumber, they have the equipment to repair the drains and ensure that you are not left with nasty back flow from drains that aren’t draining properly!



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